An unedited minute of kids working in the shop, on projects of their choosing… read more
NEW and Featured summer workshops!

NEW and Featured summer workshops!

We have over 130 workshops scheduled for summer 2016!  Here are a few to whet your whistle! JUST ADDED to the summer lineup: Full Day Sci-Fi Movie Making     July 11-15 9:30-3:00 Pitching the story. Arranging the storyboards. Costumes from carpet. Spaceships from... read more


Children between the ages 6-12 find informal and playful environments at Leonardo’s Basement where curiosity, imagination, and experimentation are encouraged.


Independence and identity sum up the needs of teens. Leonardo’s Basement provides increasing control over the direction and execution of their projects and facilitate their interests by providing resources and adult guidance as needed.


Family programs at Leonardo’s Basement include weekend classes, workshops community events, and free open houses.


Studio Bricolage is a creative playground for adults at Leonardo’s Basement. Classes and clubs include electronics, metal working, wood working, car maintenance, and more.

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