Adult and Family Classes

Studio Bricolage is a creative playground for adventurous adults who can expect similar open-ended creative explorations as those that Leonardo's Basement provides to young people. Studio Bricolage offers classes, workshops, exhibitions and the highly successful FIRST FRIDAY adult building parties. Have fun learning new skills and meeting new friends.

Studio Bricolage is looking for an unimproved warehouse space with at least 2500 square feet in order to move from the Leonardo's Basement workshop. If you know of an affordable space please contact us. Learn more at www.StudioBricolage.org and if you have questions write studiobricolage@leonardosbasement.org or call 612-824-4394.

Family Programs at Leonardo's Basement include weekend classes and workshops for children and adults plus activities for the entire family. There are few weekend classes during the summer, but the school year brings family building days, adult/child project building sessions and Open Houses that are free of charge on Sundays. Contact us at 612-824-4394 or email info@leonardosbasement.org